Notes to self:

I should probably say school of unreality as the core of this project is to imagine an entirely new reality of the learning institution at Goldsmiths University. If reality is created [ref] , how do we go about designing this new school; what do we want education to be?

The school of reality[unreality] design is a tool box in which we are to engage and subsequently develop design techniques of an alternative interactive institution for people to experience through LARP [live action role play]. It is interesting that change in garments affect behavior according to [ref- YouTube link], there’s a possibility of exploration and expansion on that idea.

Design could eradicate politics according to American theorist Buckminster Fuller who designed the world game [see Wikipedia] as an alternative to war games and as an interactive educational simulation to help create solutions to overpopulation and uneven distribution of resources.

The school to be made is free form, the templates and media of which are open/ not defined and could take on the various modular characteristics of a learning institution. An exercise in quick fluid thinking by using words as a lens to frame our view of the space we were standing gave me a introductory understanding of the exciting realities or perhaps unreality that is to come.




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