A film about dance, time and healing . In the wake of what’s happening globally with the corona virus claiming many lives. This piece demonstrates our ability as humans to overcome the worst of circumstances, specifically pertaining to mental health. Time heals.

Synopsis [as read on @eastafricaarts live session]

It’s the night before the shoot—I’m excited and nervous at the same time. The muse of this picture and I, who as fortune would have it, is my cousin is getting ready. We’ll  take the jubilee line out the next day to the only set that would make sense for such a project. It’s a simple fashion film juxtaposing organic silhouettes against high contrast sterile building-scapes in London, or so we thought.

My muse, the stunning ballerina who recently gave a transcendental performance as The Red Queen in  Alice in Wonderland, had agreed to this wild idea of shooting in broad daylight at peak time in Canary Wharf. She was to translate this concept into intuitive movement with the bustling sounds of the business of life around her as music.

Just after dinner, she receives disheartening news; a close friend of hers took her life at the young age of 16. She’s distraught. I cannot begin to imagine what this feels like for her to experience such a traumatic event at her tender age.

Naturally, I urge her to take time to sit out this project we were planning. We’d shelf it for a more ideal time. Even knowing this would be the only time we would get to make this picture since I’d be leaving for home in  Africa shortly after.

She valiantly declined and with the bravest face, thrust herself into this role unscripted and unrehearsed as though her very existence depended on it. Majestic unafraid pirouettes and pliés passers by couldn’t help but stop and stare.

That day, I was reacquainted with humanity’s immense courage and bravery through the actions of a young girl. A girl so admirable and inspirational that I am so proud to call family— miss Nicole Kilama.

She exhibited such strength at a moment when the best of us would struggle and for that I’m eternally grateful.

It’s taken close to a year to be able to publish this work because there wasn’t any easy way of telling this story without giving it it’s intended respect. A respect only achieved with time.

In the wake of what’s happening globally with the corona virus claiming many lives. I’ve had moments to reflect and it seems time has afforded me the courage to put this compelling piece of work out. It seems time is all every one of us needs to heal, and heal we shall.

This piece demonstrates our ability as humans to survive and thrive.

Stay safe.

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