MANIFESTO_Draft2 – Through [the] fabric

The ideas reflected in this manifesto relate back to the question posed to us in the weeks before breaking off for the holidays; what role do you want to have in the future regarding design. It had to be a practical aspiration so as to step out of ambiguity and assist in the construction of a set of definitions, boundaries and rules of engagement.

My role as a designer [as I saw it then] is to work with fabric most of all. Perhaps through collaborative work with fabric makers or with fabric engineers  exploring new forms of biodegradable highly responsive fabric technologies. To be able to use fabric as an interface for micro and macro interdisciplinary design.



cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibres.
cloth, material, textile, stuff, tissue, web
the walls, floor, and roof of a building.
structure, framework, frame, form, make-up, constitution, composition, construction, organization, infrastructure, foundations, mechanisms, anatomy, essence

  • the material; the composition/framework/structure; the essence
  • the basic structure of a society, culture, activity


The above definitions will denote the meanings in this manifesto which establishes fabric as the thread that binds the human scale [that is on the body or size related to the body] and spatial [that is within the context of space] aspects of my practice. To be read with the heading at the start of each paragraph as the video plays.


Through [the] fabric;

An awakened sensibility of touch both physically and visually  inspires a surge to render a dream or thought on paper; nurture these moments.

The basic elements of humanity are brought to the surface as an expression of skill and precision in a repetitive and meticulous process of warp and weft ; respect its intricacies.

A nature connoting a place where the earth sustains the life of those that inhabit it regardless of the softness or harshness of their activities on its surface in pursuit of the most opulent mechanisms of its creation; neglecting age old traditions in its symbiotic fabrication; though each day the sun shines anew with a vibrancy that can only be reflected in the diversity of its human and non-human species; be proud of that heritage.

The link that weaves,reinforces and where necessary, repairs cultures by understanding the similarities and differences in the social-cultural intellect and its repetitive manifestations in the formulation of knowledge; observe and learn.

That stimulates a childlike investigation into new approaches for its manipulation in sequential experimentation with patterns, samples,real objects of body and space the flexibility of which, reveals new possibilities in composition; make ever for use, for what greater purpose would these exist.

However, let not its dual qualities restrict your movement allowing this commitment to purpose to diminish your character; strive to find balance.

The alliance of skilled individuals finds common ground to establish ecological collaborative communities in design and practice; endeavor to engage with them.

Sensitivities of making and unmaking things is made apparent and highlights the relevance of factoring in flow of time and above all human intuition in creations; aim to optimise never allowing this purpose to diminish your character.










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