A film about the search for a deeper understanding of self, expressed as a series of poetically textured stories brought to life— digitally through creative reinterpretation of African textile pattern and materially by taking us on three African women’s  journey towards actualisation; mind, body, spirit  through the lens of their native textile. Ivorian Pagne tissé Baoulé is linked to Ugandan Barkcloth which links to the cityscapes of Mozambique and the thread goes on. All textiles acting as an embedded network with infinite expansion capabilities providing connections by which other components communicate. Each fabric requires  honesty and emotional intellect from its  custodian and in return, a channel to the transcendental space where time aligns; past, present to future; aboard the motherboard.



Created in collaboration with Keren Lasme and Lara DeSousa for #ColabNowNow 2019 an artist residency created by the British Council #SouthernAfricaArts and implemented in partnership with Maputo Fast Forward festival (Mozambique) and the Fak’ugesi African Digital Arts Festival (South Africa).





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