BYOONA — Art Series Showcase

This Art Series hosted at the Designer’s residence on the 18th of December, was originally conceived in response to the design waste generated by the making process of our studio’s practice over five years.

Byoona — to mean everything — is a tripartite Art Series shown in three Acts. The limited Edition Capsule Collection titled,  BYOONA Act One, was the first installment in this three part Art Series.

Off cut fabrics, end of line and organic textile [barkcloth, denim waste] were some of the materials repurposed  and reimagined into garments to extend the life of what would otherwise have been discarded. All of this in keeping with our studio’s sustainable arts practice.

As part of the studio’s zero waste ethos, felled wood from an on site mango tree was reinvented into rustic minimalist set decor using Shou Sugi Ban, a natural Japanese wood preservation technique with fire and natural oils. 





Our studio was very privileged to have had the support of family, friends and patrons who experienced this dynamic art show consisting a film screening of Wharfed 2019 and the Capsule Collection.



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